The kings of spam fall from the throne: How does email marketing work?

You need to use the right email marketing. Each of us receives a lot of spam in our email inbox from completely known sources. When promoting your business, you shouldn’t.

Buried in the garbage

The situation is similar to flyers and mailboxes. You get up in the morning, go to the store. On the way back, check the mailbox. First, there is a circular motion with your hand to throw out the tons of flyers that are dropped into your inbox every day. Right after you finished the garbage, which you didn’t even need to look at, because in 99% of cases it offers something that you are not interested in, you select the mail that is addressed to your name. In addition to bills, you can find magazines for which you pay a subscription, postcards, which are somewhat less common these days, and notifications about the arrival of shipments. It often happens that you receive a letter addressed to you, which is actually not intended directly for you, but rather a promotion of some kind of pillows, travel agencies with discounts or invitations to free “lunch”. The very fact that the letter is addressed to you, and not really to you, but to thousands of other people with the goal of buying something does not inspire much confidence. The company that offers the service begins communication with you through the lie that the letter is intended for you.


Enjoy a free lunch while looking at our washable pillows

In the email world, things work the same way. If you have a Gmail or Yahoo account, their spam filters filter out the spam themselves, but there’s always that small percentage that ends up in your inbox. People view their email account as a very private matter and you cannot initiate communication with them by lying to them that the email is for them. Some even go so far as to title the email with “(Private) See…”. Such and similar names can deceive us at the moment and prompt us to open the email, but soon we realize that it is abuse.

Just as you open real letters that you receive from the relevant institution (electricity, water, tax bills), friends or from those legal entities with whom you have directly registered to receive mail, you do the same in your email account. We start from the fact that you will certainly open an email from a friend or from sites whose mailing lists you are signed up for.

How do you get people to sign up for your mailing list?


The question arises, if you are in business, selling a product or service, how to get people to sign up for your mailing list. There are several ways.

If there is a physical location where you offer products and services, you can create a promotion or sweepstakes that requires your customers or potential customers to leave an email address on the form in order to participate. After that, you can constantly upgrade the email list in a similar way. Of course, you have to convert the emails received in this way into an electronic format.

Another, simpler, way is to get email addresses online using your company’s website, search engines, and social networks. First you need to create some kind of content that will benefit people. It can be a free e-book, a text tutorial, a video tutorial. We have a massage client. We create an electronic exercise book for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. People leave their email address to download the book.

On your site, you create a special page that is called a “Squeeze page” in marketing circles. The goal of creating the station is to get contact information or some other information that is important for the company from the visitor. These pages are specially planned, designed, and quality accompanying text is created for them. From a technical point of view, creating a page like this requires some programming knowledge or the use of ready-made, usually commercial plugins for some of the content management systems.

We assume that the visitor came to the page through a Facebook or Google AdWords paid campaign. The page must have such functionality that it instructs the visitor that if he wants to download the book we have prepared, he must first fill out the form. After he fills out the form, he receives an automatic message from the website containing a link to the book. The email address itself and other contact data remain entered in the database provided for that purpose.

To quickly create a mailing list, paid Facebook promotion is usually practiced. By clicking on the post, the visitor comes to the “Squeeze page” that we created. In this way, depending on the quality of the content, that is, the “bait” that we have prepared in order to get an email address, depending on the quality of the Facebook promotion and the appearance of the “Squeeze page”, we will collect a certain number of email addresses.

The number of collected emails also depends on the already mentioned factors, but on how much people need the service or product you offer, i.e. from the market movement in that area.

We created a mailing list and now what?

The first and basic mistake that is made when you have a mailing list is to send subscribers exclusively and only promotions and discounts in unlimited quantities. The site visitor entrusts you with his email address, giving you permission to contact him, thereby accepting that he will occasionally peek into an email you sent him, and you start showering him with promotions and discounts every day. After some time, depending on the tolerance threshold, he either unsubscribes from the list or marks the email address from which the emails you send him receive as spam, i.e. undesirable.

Totally applicable to email marketing

What kind of emails should you send to your subscribers instead of the ones we listed? First you need to understand that with your mailing list, ie. you have to have a special relationship with the people who are signed up for it. You have to nurture her, maintain a constant relationship. The process of communication through the mailing list should take place not only from you to the subscribers but also in the reverse direction. You should encourage communication. It should be clear to the applicants that you really care about their opinion.

When you create a mailing list, you should first imagine the “avatar” for whom you are creating the list (as Jeff Walker puts it nicely).

What is an avatar? Avatar in this case is an imaginary person to whom you want to offer your service or product. You can define it as a male person, over 30 years old, employed in some field, etc. You have defined the type of man, ie. characteristics of the ideal customer for your product or service. At all times, whenever you create content you should think about your avatar and how it will relate to the content you create.

In the emails themselves, give useful and interesting information to the subscribers, so that over time they start following you and start opening the emails you send regularly. Don’t offer promotions and discounts at first, try to build a relationship with your list.

One of the things you need to do when creating a good email is to get rid of the corporate tone. What it means ? Instead of saying:

“Research has shown that 90% of people who used this and that toothpaste had a 70.6% lower chance of developing periodontal disease.” In cooperation with Zubicvil doo, the conditions for importing this paste have been met, so please contact the nearest pharmacy if you are interested in this product.”

You can say:

“Hello, this is Government.” I have an update regarding a new toothpaste that has hit the market. In cooperation with dentists, we let people try the paste here and there for free. I did not expect anything excessive from it, because we have already had similar actions. This time it happened that people were bragging to the dentists about how much whiter their teeth were. I also looked at several studies and saw that the paste contains this and that substance and that even periodontitis occurs much less often. We offer a lot of toothpastes, but this one is really something special, and you can find it in all pharmacies.”

The goal is to remove the corporate tone and give the whole relationship a friendly note. The subscriber should feel like he is talking to a friend. Finally, ask yourself when you most often buy a product. The answer is simple, we buy most often when family and friends recommend it to us, then a few places are empty, then experts through personal contact, and only then do propaganda and advertising messages come. Since the email inbox is a very private thing for each of us and everything that reaches us becomes part of our private world, if we are already sending marketing messages, we should market them through useful and quality content. If we can’t sound like family members, we can still give our content a friendly tone rather than a boring corporate one.

There are special strategies when you want to introduce a new product through a mailing list. These strategies are also based on quality content that is organized in several sequences. There is an exact order in which the different types of content are sent and the time intervals in which the content is sent. Mainly through the content of the email you have to unobtrusively provide people with proof that your product or you are socially accepted, through the content you have to indicate your position of authority as a seller. It’s especially important to sell from a position of authority rather than condescendingly begging people to buy your product.

When you make actions, they must be rare and last for a specific and precisely defined period of time. If you say that the action lasts until a certain moment, it must be so that people would take you seriously and that would make them decide to buy or give up the purchase by that moment.

Through content, you need to show people the transformation they will experience if they buy your product. People are not interested in the form in which they receive the product, but rather in the story of the transformation they will experience by purchasing it. For example, just answer the question, if someone is selling a cure for cancer, does it matter to people whether they received it as a tablet or as an injection, or does it matter to them the transformation from sick to healthy.

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