Advertising on search engines

Search engine advertising is the most direct way of paid advertising. With this type of advertising, your business gets the opportunity to bid on keywords or phrases and with the right strategy to beat the competition. The point is to choose keywords for which your page will appear as a prominent result in the search engines (and especially the Google search engine). Those keywords should lead to a specific result such as a sale.

For example. if you pay per click for the keywords “dentist Vračar”, your site will be visited by people who are currently looking for dentist services in Vračar. These keywords are, if you are a dental office operating in Vračar, much better than “dentist Belgrade” because Belgrade also includes Voždovac and Rakovica, and it is unlikely that someone who lives far from your office will come to the other side of the city.

It is also important that the click for keywords is as cheap as possible, but not at the cost of choosing keywords that are less relevant to your business as in the example above.

Our task is to select the most favorable keywords for you, which will provide the best return on investment.