The kings of spam fall from the throne: How does email marketing work?

You need to use the right email marketing. Each of us receives a lot of spam in our email inbox from completely known sources. When promoting your business, you shouldn’t. Buried in the garbage The situation is similar to flyers and mailboxes. You get up in the morning, go to the store. On the way […]

Content marketing ie. content marketing: 100000 ways to destroy the competition!

The content represents the essence, it is you represented by words, recordings, pictures. Sajjaj represents what they will see you as. What used to be? Once upon a time, you paid someone to build a website for you and provided content for them to insert. Thus, most sites contained menus: About us, Products, Price list, […]

How to get spied on or an introduction to Facebook marketing

In every city there are places where people gather. You have a favorite club, coffee shop. You are in the square with your friends. You have a favorite hairdresser. Most often, you go to your theater, buy newspapers at your shop, walk on your quay. Of course you are in constant contact with people. The […]

A textbook on Twitter marketing

Twitter is used by millions of people. Some privately and others for business purposes. Business users use it to monitor the conversation about their brands, promote offers or share rich and high-quality content in the form of images or videos. Each tweet (post on Twitter) can be only 140 characters long. Research has shown that […]


July 2024