How to get spied on or an introduction to Facebook marketing

In every city there are places where people gather. You have a favorite club, coffee shop. You are in the square with your friends. You have a favorite hairdresser. Most often, you go to your theater, buy newspapers at your shop, walk on your quay. Of course you are in constant contact with people. The environment in which you are and in which you live largely determines the way of life you lead. There are also cultural milieus, religion, education, classical media such as radio and television. Together, they are powerful influences on what you will do and how you will behave.

The world of checkered tablecloths

The world of red checkered tablecloths

On the Internet, a place of local influence, there are centers that spread a powerful influence to every person present. These are, you guessed it, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

We will talk more about Facebook and try to explain what kind of influences it is and to what extent they are present.

Facebook Marketing Impact and Strategy


In this other world, they prefer blue checkered tablecloths

You already know that most of your friends have Facebook accounts. It is created in such a way that it has the function of providing information about what your friends are doing. You can view their statuses and photos and find out about where they are, what they are doing. Many people feel that by joining Facebook, a whole world of long-forgotten people and friends has returned to them. In addition to statuses and photos, you can also see what your friends like and what interests them.

It is possible to access Facebook groups or like Facebook pages that may have a hobby, professional interests, or a company’s product as a topic (eg chocolate banana lovers or groups of doctors or people who like Coca Cola and its products). Whenever your friend likes or comments something on Facebook there is a chance that you and his other friends will see it. You will see “Miloš likes Coca Cola” or “Ana joined a group called Pets”.


Facebook collects this information. Information about your interests is used by Facebook to enable customers to pay for a marketing campaign and to promote a text or page only to people who have certain interests. In this way, they increase the chance of selling their product or service. Pet food manufacturers will select only those people who like groups called “Pets”, “I love cats”, “My vet”. Choosing these people increases the chance that they own a pet, and thus the chance that they become aware of the manufacturer’s brand and eventually decide to buy his product.

Facebook tracks what you do on it. Every action you take, every like can put you under the influence of a paid marketing campaign in which you are selected to display certain content according to your interest. It’s not like on TV. You’re watching a movie on television, and then you’re bombarded with a set of commercials that don’t interest you, what’s more, they interfere with your enjoyment. You usually use this set of ads as a break to go to the toilet or a break to make coffee or prepare a snack. Some of the commercials you only become aware of when they have a catchy tune or a slightly intriguing lyric that grabs your attention. Of course, everyone tries to produce this kind of advertisement, but only some of them succeed.

On the other hand, on Facebook, you only get ads that offer things and services that you’ve already said you like. Therefore, you don’t mind them, you often like them and go to the company’s page to see what it’s all about.

Want to spread influence on Facebook?

If you want to take advantage of Facebook’s huge opportunities for spreading influence, you need to act very carefully so that you don’t get into a situation where you spend a lot of money on advertising without seeing any results.

When you get the desire to spread any influence on Facebook the first logical step is to create a group to which you will invite “like-minded people” or if you have a company the first step would be to open a company Facebook page. At first it is completely empty. After entering basic information about the company such as location, working hours, website address, you need to design it well because it will represent the main channel through which you will exert influence. When you’ve done all that, the most important thing remains, and that’s what you’re going to post on it.

Creating pages on Facebook

Creating pages on Facebook

Of course, in the beginning you will publish posts about the services you provide or the product you make/sell. Since the number of products and services that a company can offer is limited, once you’ve sorted them all out, you’ll be left scratching your head wondering what to post next. Some will start repeating old posts, and some will remember the possibility to promote some action, discount and the like. This is a good line of thinking, however, many people fall into the trap of giving too many promotions, and then it happens that your customers do not buy the product from you, until it is on sale, and they know it will be at some point. This is the do-or-die moment in the revolution in your performance on Facebook. Most companies remain on that plateau of “endless promotions and discounts”.

What to give your website visitors instead of “endless promotions and discounts”? The answer to this question is very simple. They should be given QUALITY, USEFUL, INNOVATIVE AND INFINITELY INTERESTING CONTENT. It sounds simple, but this is actually the moment where the essential knowledge of marketing and marketing as an art and marketing as a science comes into play.


The picture shows an example. It's not about our client.

The picture shows an example. It’s not about our client.

How does this look in practice? If you’re in the dental business, one of your Facebook posts could be a tutorial on how people should brush their teeth properly. If you have a gas station, we can create a tutorial called “How does a blonde change a tire?”, in which we will show all those who have never changed a tire on a car how to do it. If you are in an education business, we can create an e-book for the first lesson of your education that you will share online for free. The point is that through the posts on the Facebook page, you always provide your future clients with something interesting, some content that will really be useful to them in their everyday life. When you do this, Facebook users will start sharing your content themselves and thus promote your business.

When promoting some content, it is very important to take care of the appearance and title of the post. Let’s assume that a group of some nice young people, dressed in black and white costumes, took part in a “I’ve Got Talent” type competition and dazzled the judges with their performance and appearance. You can write a headline for such news: “Young people overshadowed the jury in Talent”, or “They wore black and white costumes, and then something happened that no one expected.” This is an example of a headline used by the media today. The first one is boring, already seen. When you read the second lead, it leaves an air of mystery and makes you want to read the story. He is left with a large number of questions such as: “Who are black and white?”, “What happened?”. Another type of title is applicable in special situations. For example. for sensationalist reporting. There are entire studies and books that talk only about designing headlines with a specific goal in mind. There is plenty of it on the internet. If you have time, you can search for titles that would be suitable for your promotion. In addition to the title, there is also a supporting text that must be aligned with the title. You cannot put a title that contains a dose of mystery, and then explain exactly what it is about in the following few sentences. Often a follow-up text is used to call people to action: “Click here to…”. If you offer a service, you will usually mention the name of the service in the title, while in the accompanying text you will additionally explain the service itself, or mention who the service provider is in order to contribute to the authority of the offeror.

Research has shown that Facebook users are more motivated to take action when they come across posts that include both text and images than those that only include text or video. Choosing an image for a post is a very important thing. The image should provide a clear association to the content of the post, and yet it must be interesting enough, sometimes intriguing, to attract attention. If you post an image that has nothing to do with the content, but is very interesting, you can have a similar situation that we had with one image. The client wanted us to insert a specific image into the post. The page for the online educational course is being promoted. The picture fully reflected the content of the course, however, the characters on it were so interesting and tinged with humor, that in practice it attracted the attention of those people who are from the branch of people that is targeted, but at that moment they are not interested in the course offered they already find the picture so interesting that they click on it. What happens in that situation? Facebook charges for clicks and likes. The post leads people who clicked to the course web page. The moment they see that it is not something they are interested in and that they will not find any more interesting pictures there, they immediately leave the page.

What did we do? Since it is a paid campaign, Facebook offers the option of so-called A/B testing. Simply put, you take 5 pictures that you think are appropriate for a given post. In paid drip, Facebook alternately displays a post with different images to a targeted group of users. You look at the statistics, see which image you got the best results with and then use it in the rest of the campaign. You also need to look at the analytics of the site itself to see if these users stay longer on the site or leave immediately. If they leave, either the post is not adapted to the content of the website or the website itself is not well made, in the sense that it does not activate visitors enough with its content. In this process, you have to test, check, change, investigate the effects of the change in order to get optimal results in terms of sales.

What do you get with paid Facebook ads?

Paid advertising is inevitable on Facebook. It’s not because we said so, but simply Facebook is a profitable company and if you want to advertise something good, you have to pay for it. In return Facebook offers you amazing promotion options. You can select people with certain characteristics to whom you want to promote your company’s post, page or website.

What are the characteristics? Gender, age, place of residence, marital status, level of education and, most importantly, interests. How to use all this? A prerequisite is that you know your target population well. We had an example where we had to promote a certain product to pregnant women. Of course, in the options for creating paid promoted posts on Facebook, you don’t have the option to just select all pregnant women from Belgrade. First, we had to investigate at what age of life women from the requested territory most often get pregnant. The situation is not the same in Vojvodina and in the south of Serbia. It occurred to us that in Serbia more and more often couples decide to get married because of pregnancy. We had to verify this information through field research and really empirically confirm our assumption. Only after this process were we able to start creating more expensive promotions for the company that hired us. Only then were we sure about the age range we were targeting and that we were targeting only recently married women.

What’s the point? If we had targeted only women from the requested territory, regardless of age and marital status, we would have wasted our money on all women, and mostly on those who are not in a different state. In that population, only 5-10% would be those women who should make up our target group. We saved the client’s funds from being wasted, and with quality targeting, we increased the chance of selling the product.

If you have time you can do all this yourself. It takes a lot of work and effort to get the desired results, but they are definitely achievable. You can look and read other texts on our site and learn something from them, or at least they will guide you.